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Flex Prime Leather Case for IPXSM


Flex Prime Leather Case for IPXSM (iPhone XS Max)

The wonderful design of Flex Prime will surprise you, and your first-class, hand-crafted leather dipped phone will look both stylish and useful. Full leather cover and support, easy access to charging ports and headphone jacks! You will meet the perfect harmony of two different leathers. It is also effective against sweating and scratching thanks to the lining surface inside.

Two Leather Single Case Meet!

Two different leathers are embroidered on each other by our master craftsmen using the most durable yarn. We designed the best phone case for your iPhone XS Max phone for you. Also note that silicone cases cannot protect your phone sufficiently and are made using cheap plastic material. At this point, our difference is that leather and hand workmanship reflects the success and style of protecting our customers' phones. You are always worthy of the best quality. Leather products last longer than silicone products.

Our recommendation for long lasting phone case!

If you want your phone case not to lose color as a result of long use. Do not forget to use leather oil. 

Key Features:
  • Wireless Charging Compatible (With No Cards)
  • Full Leather Siding
  • Hand-Made, Premium Leather
  • Slim And Comfortable
  • Two Leather Layers
  • Lined inner surface