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Bouletta Case

Sports Leather Belt- Silver Buckle

SKU: BELT BB-00602

Sports Leather Belt

This leather belt is built to navigate the streets with effortlessly cool and a chic statement. It is a luxury choice for everyday use. It looks enviable to the first sight. It is a high rank product that can totally be used for a long while. If you are thinking on the perfect gift this is definitely it!

Ideal men accessory to wear as an everyday belt, complement for dressing with any outfit or uniform to give you a sophisticated look and feel, it goes great with dress or work uniform or formal wear and for any casual occasions.

Product Highlights

It has an elegant design and a smooth surface.

It is used high quality metal accessories.

The subtle smell of leather that bounces can give you an idea of its quality.

Personalized option for your brand and personal.

Consists of two leather layers.

It can be produced with lengths between 105-130 cm

Crafted double stitching on top & bottom, a double loop to hold end of strap, a single prong buckle.

Made of cowhide.

The products are shipped individually in boxes and cloths.


The Leather we use is 100% natural from its aspect; you can immediately appreciate its quality. Each one of the products is different from each other and they are consummately free of defect, our products are unique for all their positive characteristics and peerless quality. Product’s pictures may slightly differ from the original items. 

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